Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Before I started my blog I had posted a couple of pictures of handmade decorations I made for my sons Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed Birthday party. So I thought I would create a post including those items and a few more so pinners could have a reference as to how I made them.

I purchased many items from our local Party City. I had every intention on printing and making almost every single decoration but before I knew it time ran out and I only had time to make a few things and bought the rest. I used a lot of ideas from Pinterest and added my own spin to them.

I found Mickey themed goody bags on Pinterest and decided to make my own.
(Original link

Using my Cricuit and the Disney Mickey and Friends cartridge, I cut out Mickey ear silhouettes, Mickey’s pants, and Mickey’s shoes. I used glue dots and affixed them to the paper goody bags. I used a sharpie marker and outlined the pants and shoes because they just seemed too plain without it.

I made a paper piecing of Goofy’s hat and cut out Goofy’s name using the Cricuit and made a sign for the Goofy punch (Its not shown in this picture but I used equal parts of the green Hawaiian punch and 7up)
I also found this adorable pin on Pinterest

I originally planned on just printing a sign that said “Handy Helpers,” and using a plastic carrier but my mom came up with a brilliant idea to cover a Starbucks Frappuccino carrier. So we ran with the idea and it turned out perfect. I again cut a Mickey ear silhouette and two Mickey hands. The hands were actually from a “border” setting. So I carefully cut two hands off the border and flipped one over to get a right and left hand. I purchased a Mickey Mouse 12x12 scrapbook paper packet at Hobby Lobby and used one 12x12 sheet cut in half to wrap the carrier. I cut the top and bottom border off another piece of 12x12 paper and wrapped the pieces around the carrier. After the party was over I took the ears and hands off the carrier (they got a little party food on them) and use it now in my son’s room as an organizer.
From Party City I purchased a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse center piece kit. After the party was over I saved them and they now are hung on my son’s bedroom wall and Mickey’s cut out stands on its own. I plan on matting the wall hangings to make them look just a bit better.

I also purchased a memory matching game. I had no intentions of using it for the game. Another idea came to me instead.

I used them as wall décor at the party and now they hang in the same pattern in my son’s room. My future plans are to buy frames to put them in. 

I purchased some hanging decorations that, again, are now used as room décor.

I will most likely leave these as they are.

The cake was made by Publix and was super delicious.

I saved the cake decorations and used them as room décor.
I found this idea again on Pinterest for “Club”house sandwiches.

I don’t have a picture of mine (I can’t believe I forgot to photograph them!!) I purchased the sandwich cutter from
****** I will recommend that you don’t cut out the bread for the sandwiches until just before you serve them. The bread dries out very fast (and save the edges of the bread and make your own croutons or breadcrumbs!) We pre-assembled our sandwiches so we could control the amounts of meat/cheese that went on each and to keep down on the ick-factor of having everyone touch all the meat/cheese at once just to get a slice for their sandwich. I used party toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together and put the veggies to the side. ************
I had left over Mickey Ears and spruced up a wall mounted coat hanger. And I even saved an extra party hat to display in the room.
Hot Dog! I think that about covers it.
God Bless Y'all!

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  1. My friend's baby is turning 1 this October and a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party is on top list. The very reason why I decided to make a collection of this amazing party ideas. I hope it would be okay to list some of your ideas on my compilation? Please say yes. Nice stuffs in here and thanks for sharing.
    God bless always!

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  3. I don't see a problem with it as long as you cite your sources. Hope the party is a success! Thanks for stopping by!