Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Missing Sock Board

Okay folks! Finally getting back to posting. We have been busy this summer and the schedules have been jammed packed. We are still in mid transformation in our little farmhouse and the crafts have been pouring in. My favorite craft as of yet was a "missing sock" board. I am sure you have seen them plastered all around Pinterest. They have some of the cutest sayings on them. 

Well, this one is unique to us as it shows off one of our favorite things....a love for Harry Potter books! (And movies too of course!) And a good sense of humor I might add. 

This was a super quick project. We had a cheap dresser drawer that fell apart so I took the front of it and used it for my board. A little sanding, and a coat of paint and I was ready to go.

I used a free font download to get the lettering, printed it out, and did a pencil-rub transfer. Then painted the letters in.

I did a quick google search for a Hogwarts crest, printed it off, and modge-podged it to the board. I used the same technique to put the phrase "This board is S.P.E.W approved" between the clothes pins. 

To paint the clothes pins, I clipped them to an empty plastic coffee can. The can has a nice little handle on it that allowed me to maneuver it around to paint all sides of the clothes pins with out having to wait for a side to dry or getting my fingers bathed in paint. 

A few dabs of hot glue and the clothes pins were stuck on the board. 

All I lacked was the hardware to hang it with. (That's why it's pictured on the kitchen table) We didn't have any in the house and I was too excited to share the project to wait until it was hung properly. 

So there you go! Any Potter fans out there approve? 

Have fun y'all!


  1. I absolutely love the sock board! May your elves be wonderfully persnickety!


  2. Featured this on my recent fab finds post!

  3. Could you tell us what the name of the Font you used is and where you found the crest?

  4. Sorry I haven't responded to a few comments. I never recieved notifications that there were any posted.
    @ Adventuremom: That's great! It's a super easy and fun project!
    @Tracey: I did a google search for "Harry Potter Fonts" and "Hogwarts Crest" to find both. I cannot locate the name of the font, I'm sorry. I hope you are able to locate both :)

    Thanks for stopping by!