Monday, November 19, 2012

Dinner in a hurry: Chicken Quesadillas

Everyone has those quick fix meals that they love. Chicken quesadillas are one of my family’s favorite meals and I always keep the ingredients on hand because I will ALWAYS have that one night where I forget to thaw something for dinner.

I came across a recipe for Chicken Quesadillas on the back of a can of Rotel once. I bought all the ingredients to make them, but for some reason before I could, the can of Rotel was used in another recipe. So I improvised and used Pace Picante sauce in place of the Rotel.

Instant hit!

(The recipe calls for two cans of chicken, though the second can is not pictured)
2: 10oz- 12.5 oz canned chicken breast, drained

2/3-3/4 cup salsa

1 cup shredded cheese

10 tortillas (the ones I use do not give a "size" but they are the small ones)

Makes 10 servings
Drain the cans of chicken and put in a medium sized bowl. Shred the large chunks of chicken using a fork.

Add your salsa and cheese and stir together.
I use my griddle (ungreased), but a large pan will work too. It will just take a bit longer since you can't fit as many in the pan.  

I lay the tortillas on the griddle first then fill them with the mixture on one half of the tortilla. Then I fold the tortilla over.


My burners are in medium heat and it takes about 4 or so minutes on each side to get them brown and slightly crisp.


The next best thing about these..... You can make up a whole bunch and freeze them! You can go ahead and brown them, or just stuff the ingredients in the shells and brown them as they thaw, in a pan or in the oven. You could even just microwave them. Everything you are putting in them is already cooked.

And there you go, super quick and simple Chicken Quesadillas in about 10 minutes!!!

God Bless!

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