Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scrap wood sign

A while back we gave the little farmhouse bathroom a long overdue makeover. New fixtures, flooring, fresh coat of paint, and new baseboards. When hubs was cleaning up after our project was finished, I had him save some of the scrap pieces of baseboards. I had a plan!
I absolutely love all the worn, weathered and antique signs you see everywhere nowadays. Especially some of the ones found on Etsy. Not wanting to pay a small fortune for some of them, I decided to make one of our own. Hubs and I LOVE coffee, so it seemed appropriate to make it the theme for my first try at making a wood sign.

 In Microsoft Word, I created my stencil. I centered the word “coffee” and inserted the same clipart image of a coffee cup on either side of the word. Printed it out, rubbed a pencil on the back and transferred it to my scrap piece of wood.

I chose lime and turquoise for my colors, since that is the soon to be colors in our kitchen (We still haven’t painted yet!) I outlined the images in brown to make them stand out against the white background.

Once the paint was dry, I took a piece of sand paper and roughed up the scrap wood a little to give it just a little weathered look.

I hammered in the saw-tooth hanger on the back and voila! Done.

Here is the finished project.


Super easy!
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