Friday, November 22, 2013

Owl Bowling Game

I embraced the task of Room Parent this year at kiddo’s preschool. And it has been so much fun so far. It has given me so many chances to get out the craft supplies and make all kinds of stuff.

For his Fall Party, I wanted to have an interactive game, so I came up with these cute little owl bowling pins.

I don’t have a pattern to share but the owl shape is super easy to come up with. Just sketch out a few patterns until you have the size you want.

Here are the supplies you will need:

6 empty 2 liter bottles

1 can of spray paint (the kind that sprays onto plastic. I used Krylon brown)

3-6 sheets of brown craft foam

2-4 sheets of yellow craft foam

Heavy duty double sided foam tape (I found mine at Home Depot)***

Super glue (the gel kind works the best)***

1 foam pumpkin


I sketched the shape of the owl faces. I started with a large circle and went from there to add the winged tips. I was able to get two faces per piece of craft foam.

I cut small rings out of the yellow foam and then cut triangles for the beaks.

To make the eyes more defined, I also cut circles out of the brown foam before adhering the yellow rings and beaks with the super glue.

Once my bottles were spray painted and dried, I used the foam tape to stick the owl faces to the bottles.


***I tired regular glue and regular double sided tape but they came apart. Super glue and the heavy duty foam tape held the best; even after being knocked over hundreds of times by the kiddos.


You could weigh the bottles down with water or beans or etc. But for the little kids I decided to leave them empty so they would be easier to knock down. If you weigh down the bottles, you will need a heavier object to roll into them than a foam pumpkin.

Enjoy Y’all!
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