Sunday, July 22, 2012

The first post

My First Blog Post

So, about me. I grew up in the south. I was raised on butter and bacon fat and home gown vegetables; here you go to church on Sundays and always use yes mam/sir and no mam/sir.  I was made to play outside and didn’t complain once about it. Our TV had three channels and never came in clear through the antenna.  I live on a “farm” and we “grow” black walnut trees.  We don’t sell them or the nuts.They are there as an investment so if we ever decide to sell our harvest, we can. I am no stranger to hard labor and got my rear popped if I acted up.  I say y’all and fixing to, and have a sweet southern drawl.  I am happily married to the sexiest man alive and have the best little boy in the whole wide world.  I was a career gal and decided to stay at home with my son and it was the BEST thing I have ever done.  I love to scrapbook, do crafts, and cook. I love a clean house but don’t mind leaving a mess to spend time with my family.I am a Girl Scout and my hubby is a Boy Scout and our children will follow suit. We love all things outdoors and our dream home would be a cabin in the woods where you would need a 4x4 and a compass to get to us. We love the house and town we live in and until we strike it rich it is where we will remain.  

Well, I guess that is enough about me so on to something else.

Today  I watched  The Santa Clause 2 on TV. It was on one of our movie channels and I couldn’t help but watch it even though it is July and 90 degrees out.  It of course got me thinking about Christmas and decorating. So where do I go for inspiration all year round..Pinterest.  I found some of the cutest Christmas crafts on there and it seems I am going to need more friends to pass out presents to if I want to make all the crafts I have pinned!  My favorite one (so far) is a hot chocolate gift made out of recycled baby food jars. Since I have a passion for crafts, I kept all of my son’s baby food jars. And now they have a purpose.
Pinned Image
I will most likely use crushed peppermint instead of whole ones. I also want to paint the lids to make them a bit less industrial looking.

Well, I am sure I could type a ton more, but for my first post this will do just fine.

God Bless!

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