Friday, March 15, 2013

Kitchen Humor

I have a theory that every parent is pre-programmed with specific responses to certain questions that kids ask.

Kid: But why??

Parent: Because I said so, that’s why

Kid: Can I do this?

Parent: Go ask your mother (father)

Kid: but that’s not fair!

Parent: no one said life is fair

Kid: do I have to??

Parent: you will thank me when you are older

And one that I heard so many times…..

Kid: but I don’t want to eat this!

Parent: you will eat it or you will just have to starve


Well, because I love this parenting humor now that I am a parent myself, I decided to turn one of the sayings into a bit of art to spruce up our little farm house kitchen and generate a few laughs.
Do you have any sayings you heard from your parents that you could turn into a fun art project? 
Happy laughing y'all!
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