Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make your own coffee packs

When our son was born, Hubs and I were overwhelmed with "new parent forgetfulness." I had countless moments where I stood in the shower trying to remember if I shampooed my hair already. Or trying to remember how many scoops of coffee I just put in the filter. It was comforting to know that most new parents experienced this same phenomenon. So Hubs and I were tasked with ways to help us remember things. Like putting the shampoo on the shower floor after using it to help us remember or making up pre-filled coffee packs. The forgetfulness has slowly ebbed now that our son has reached toddlerhood, but the tricks we use have still stuck around. So, here is how we solved the coffee crisis during the forgetful time. And don't forget to read the special trick I have included. It's pretty awesome!

We use a traditional carafe coffee maker with a standard basket and standard filters.

You will need:




Kitchen string (or any white cotton string)

I pre-cut my strings for the amount of coffee packs I want to make.

Lay the string out horizontally and place the filter on top of the string.

Scoop out your desired amount of coffee.

We only use the coffee packs for when we make 8 cups of coffee. I've tried 10 cups and the packs are too full to tie. We a scoop that came with the coffee maker. It measures just a bit more than a tablespoon. For 8 cups we use three rounded scoops.

I know filters are round, but let’s pretend its square. Fold the filter over on one side to the center, then fold the top and bottom to the center.

Fold the last side over. Using an over hand knot (what you use when tying your shoes) to tie up the pack.


Go around the string an extra time before tying your bow. This makes the knot hold tight should the bow come undone. As you can see, the knot stays without holding the string! This trick works wonders on shoelaces, especially for kids, and when wrapping gifts so you don't have to hold your finger over the knot so it doesn't slip while you tie the bow.

When you put the pack in the filter basket place it bow side up.

I put a filter inside the coffee canister to hold the packs do they don't pick up coffee grounds on the bottom.

And there you have it. Ready to go, no counting scoops required, sleep deprivation friendly coffee packs!!!

God Bless!

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