Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tortilla Pizzas

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 2 (as in two hungry tummies) and the letters A and H (as in Ah Ha!)

So today I whipped up a pizza that Hubs and I had never eaten before. It’s not a recipe from Pinterest, or the Internet. I was just having one of those “let’s see what we have on hand and throw it together” moments. Now, I am positive there are recipes out there for exactly what I made but for the time being I am going to bask in my “ah ha!” moment for just a little bit.

Here is what I had on hand:

Flour tortilla shells
Olive Oil
Mozzarella cheese
1/2 green bell pepper (left over from Thursday’s meatloaf)

Now, Hubs and I are not fond of pizzas made with the traditional tomato based sauce. Since we have *cough cough* gotten older, our stomachs just don’t handle tomato sauces well any more. But if you prefer it you can skip the olive oil stage and add pizza sauce. I don’t know how it may change the cooking time so just wing it.

I preheated the oven to 375

I sprayed a baking sheet with cooking spray

I laid out the tortillas on the tray and generously brushed them with the olive oil on one side. Then sprinkled a little Italian seasoning on top for an extra punch of flavor (this is optional)

I spread a generous amount of cheese on each oiled tortilla. I think I put a bit much because I had forgotten that the cheese would spread. But as Hubs said “You can never have too much cheese!”

Then I began cutting the bell pepper. It occurred to me that the peppers won’t have much time to soften because of how thin the tortilla shells are and how fast the cheese will melt. So I just microwaved two cups of water for 3 minutes and then put the peppers in the water while the oven finished pre-heating; then drained them and dried them a little with a paper towel.

Once the peppers were softened a little I put them on the pizza and put some pepperonis on top. Hubs added some jalapeño peppers to his pizza and I added just a little dash of bacon bits to one.

The topping possibilities are endless really. Just remember to take in consideration that the pizzas won’t take long to cook so you may need to “pre-cook” thicker toppings like raw veggies or warm up frozen toppings with a little boiling water.

The pizzas took only about 6 minutes to get the cheese nice and melted and the edges slightly brown. If you want a crispier crust try letting them go a bit longer. If you use a large tortilla then they might take a little longer to bake.

The pizzas tasted so incredibly wonderful. They were light and crispy and so flavorful. I honestly could not tell that I was eating a flour tortilla. It tasted like it was pizza dough. I don’t think we will ever go back to regular old pizza again!  


I also had a small loaf of Italian bread to serve with our pizzas. And that gave us an opening to try out a copy-cat dipping oil recipe I had found on Pinterest. Carrabba’s dipping oil. Here is a link to the recipe.


****And on a side note, Hubs and I are so proud of ourselves for using up what we have on hand! We are trying to make a switch to once a month shopping so we are using up our “food stash” we have on hand first so we can make a fresh start and keep better track of where our dollars are spent. I am sure to have future posts about our progress.

 God Bless!


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