Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rotating tasks

Some people prefer to wait for a "spring cleaning" to get to those rarely cleaned areas. But if you establish a list of monthly rotating tasks you won't have so much to do in one bulk clean. My previous cleaning post was about establishing a rhythm. Once you get a rhythm down then you will be able to start rotating tasks. Here is a sample of how to rotate tasks for a month/year. If a similar area of your house sees more use or gets dirtier, then you will clean it more often.

Daily/every other day
Tidy rooms
empty garbage cans
Make beds

Every week:  in addition to daily tasks
Dusting furniture and nick knacks
Vacuuming/ sweeping/ mopping high traffic areas like dens, entry ways, bathrooms, kitchen and daily dining areas
Bathrooms that are used on daily basis
Change sheets on beds that are used daily.
Wiping down counters
Cleaning kitchen sink

Week 1: in addition to every week tasks

Dusting Ceiling fans/light fixtures; Blinds/window sills; Lampshades
Check batteries in smoke detectors/CO2 detectors (I know it's not cleaning but while you are looking up high you might as well check)

Week 2: in addition to every week tasks

High area and low area dusting (looking for cobwebs in corners and getting those baseboards)
Window and door framings (around the molding if you have it)
Clean Guest areas like rooms, bathrooms and formal dining areas
Clean microwave (can be done weekly if needed)

Week 3: in addition to every week tasks

Repeat week 1
Clean refrigerator thoroughly inside (including top) this is a good chance to check expiration dates of foods
wipe down cabinet fronts in bathrooms and kitchen
Wipe down exposed sides of appliances (washer/dryer/dishwasher etc)
Wipe down door fronts and light switches.

Week 4: in addition to every week tasks
Repeat week 2
Skip guest areas if not used since last clean if you want. Check for dust/cobwebs though.
Wash comforters/quilts/ rugs that are washable. (can be rotated to every other month)
Change return air vent filter (if have one; most units will suggest monthly changing of filters)

Every other month tasks:
(I call them odd-even tasks. Some done on even months others on odd months)

Moving furniture to vacuumed/sweep/ mop under that you don't get to during weekly/monthly cleaning.
Defrosting chest or upright freezer (good chance to take inventory of your stash and throw away expired foods)

Using vacuum attachments to get along all edges of carpeted rooms/stairs
Clean windows.
Clean garbage cans (can be done monthly)
Organizing food pantry

Every 6 months:
(usually done based on the season; for example you may not want to clean the oven in mid summer or shampoo carpeting mid winter)

Cleaning oven
Shampooing carpets/furniture
Cleaning out closets and "weeding" unused items.
Flipping/rotating mattresses
Cleaning vacuum cleaner (if you have a higher end one with a warranty check it first because the manufacture may void a warranty if not cleaned by a professional) this can also be done odd/even months

Yearly tasks:
Cleaning out and organize attics/garages/storage rooms

I know it seems overwhelming and I bet you are thinking : how do I keep up with all that?! Get a pocket sized yearly calendar. Print a list of the tasks you want done daily, weekly, monthly, etc and keep it with the calendar. Give each list a color or number and on your calendar mark the name/color on the day/week you want it done. If something doesn't get done that week/day you can make a note and add it to the next day's or week's list.

Hope this helps with organizing your cleaning tasks!

God Bless!

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