Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Wall Hanging

I got the inspiration for this craft on Pinterest. The original post I cannot access because it has been marked as “spam” so I can't post the original link. But here is the photo.


I saw this repined about a hundred times as I scrolled through the DIY & Crafts section and Holidays section. Each caption said “uses dollar store burner covers.” Well, I looked a bit closer to the picture and it is actually embroidery hoops. But using burner covers was an excellent idea. Well, our “dollar” stores here didn’t carry any of them (I’m not surprised with glass/cook top stoves becoming more and more popular), and I would have had to get two packages anyway to get three of the same size circles. So, on an adventure to Hobby Lobby to get some essential oils for my fall simmer pot, I came across cardboard cake circles. And the creative wheels were turning.
Here is what you need:

Cardboard circles, wooden letters, solid/patterned paper, double sided tape, hot glue, paint/brushes, ribbon, ink pad and any extra embellishments you’d like to add.

I traced each circle on the back side of my desired papers and cut out the circles.

Before taping them down I “inked” the edges of the paper circles to give them a more “artistic” look. To do this technique, you hold the paper in one hand and your ink pad (ink side down) in the other. Keeping the ink pad flat, brush it quickly across the edges of the paper.

A few strips of double sided tape held the paper to the cardboard

I purchased the wooden letters at Hobby Lobby as well, and painted them to match the theme of my papers.

I used this awesome technique while they were drying
Once they were dry I used dimensional foam tape to “raise” them off the paper. I used glue dots as well as just to make sure they were good and secure.

I added a few extra embellishments: candy corn ribbon and a plastic pumpkin (this was a cupcake topper I saved from last Halloween)

I hot glued the pieces together then hot glued a piece of twine to the top to hang it from.


A very quick and simple craft and you have yourself a cute wall hanging for Halloween. And if you want, try JOY for Christmastime!


Happy Fall Y’all!




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