Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Little fall crafts

When we put the new carpeting in our bedrooms it forced me to clean out our closets. UGH! Needless to say I made a few trips to Goodwill for donations.  But I came across a game that paired with a Pinterest obsession gave me the inspiration for a few fall crafts.

Everyone knows Jenga right? Build a tower, remove blocks and pray it doesn’t fall. Well, way, way back in college Hubs and I got the bright idea to use some generic Jenga blocks we found at Wal-Mart for a….well… a drinking game. (Don’t worry, I have overcome my college drinking days and got my head on straight now.) Well, I had all these blocks and was about to toss them in the trash when a little voice in my head screamed “WAIT!”

I have seen tons of wooden block pumpkin crafts on Pinterest lately. They of course were calling for much larger pieces of lumber, but I thought why not make a few small pumpkins out of these blocks and spruce up the house for fall. So, I did.

A few coats of paint, and some sanding and I had my first pumpkin. I painted a piece of a twig for the stem and used floral wire for the vines and finished it off with a little twine bow.

After finishing this one pumpkin, I was just painting a few of the blocks and testing colors and sanding patterns. Then out of nowhere I came up with this cute little fall ornament.
I used Scribble paint for the words and once they were dry I went over them with a little water downed paint. The wire does not go through and through. I used a thumb tack to make holes and put cut pieces of wire in the holes to give it the effect that it was a continuous piece through the blocks.

There are endless possibilities really for all these little blocks. I am sure I will continue to find new things to make with them.

Happy Fall Y’all!
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