Monday, April 15, 2013

Altered storage containers

Lately I have been having a hankering to redecorate the house. It must be the spring weather that has finally arrived to the farm. As much as Hubs and I love the current color schemes and themes of our little farmhouse, we have lived with them for about a decade. So, we are now in the (very slow) process of changing stuff over to our new color choices. I have to admit, I am absolutely ecstatic about it because it has opened up about a million opportunities for craft projects! Hubs picked me up a single can of spray paint and that got the ball rolling….

My ever intuitive Hubs knew I needed some better organization to my craft supplies. So for Christmas he bought me a handy little caddy from Home Depot. Bless his heart! While this was made for tools, I quickly found it worked perfectly for my supplies. But I just wasn't too keen on the industrial look of it. So, I “girlied” it up a bit with the Rust-Oleum Key Lime spray paint.



I also finally got around to using some beautiful scrapbook paper I had been saving, because I just loved it too much to fill it up with photos and page embellishments. I wanted the paper on display, rather than closed up in an album. And it just so happened I had several shoe boxes that were home to my sewing supplies that needed a dressing up too.

As crafter, I have trouble throwing containers out. I have to be so careful, or I know I will become a container hoarder. So I had some soup cans that I needed to get used up. Back out came the spray paint. A coat of the Key Lime spray paint on each and the next thing I know, the creative muse hit me..... I had a desk caddy! Iadded some ribbon and a few strips of the left over scrapbook paper from covering my shoe boxes, then attached the cans to each other using 3D double sided foam tape. Now my pens and things have a quaint little home. (The smallest can holds my paperclips.)

So, be it small, it is a start to the new and improved little farmhouse. And there are plenty of things left to paint and alter. Stay tuned for the rest of the transformation!

God Bless Y’all!

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  1. So cute! Love the colors, it would match my room perfectly ;-)

  2. Thank you Karlene. These colors will be making several appearances through out the blog in the up coming months with all the crafts I have set out to do!