Tuesday, May 7, 2013

House decor makeover: give your current decor items a makeover...for free!

The transformation here at the little farm house is continuing! I have challenged myself to use what we have on hand before buying anything, including craft supplies. First up was finding things around the house that with a little fixing up would fit the new décor.  

I decided to paint our knife block with one of our accent colors….lime green.


It turned out fabulous. The knife block was black and I used flat paint to help give it a little distressed look without all the sanding. Using flat paint makes each brush stroke stand out too. But not to worry, it was the look I was going for. I attempted to take off a plaque that was affixed to the front….it wouldn’t budge… so I coated it with paint and put a vinyl scrapbook sticker on it. I think it gave it a nice little something extra.
This led me to give an old wooden (well, technically resin made to look like wood) owl a redo too. Again I used flat paint so it would show the brush strokes and keep it looking  more like a painted "wooden" owl. I wasn’t particular about getting every little crevice painted, letting some of the original paintwork show through to aid in the distressed look.


So, total cost of these two projects: $0.00 because I only used stuff I had on hand.

Well, that’s about it for now….. I’m back on the hunt to find more stuff to fix up!


God Bless!
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