Saturday, August 11, 2012

Perfectly folded fitted sheets

At one point in time if you took a sneak peek into my linen closet you would have found the following: neatly folded pillow cases, properly folded flat sheets and wadded up balls of fabric that possibly could be fitted sheets.

I had a horrible time getting my fitted sheets to look nice and neat like they were when I first pulled them out of the package. Wanting to remedy this situation I asked the one person who I knew had the answer: my mom. Now that I know the trick, my fitted sheets fold so nice that I often grab a fitted sheet thinking it is a flat sheet.

So, here is mom’s how to on folding fitted sheets. I use my bed as a work surface because I am too short to stand and do all the “moves.” Forgive me if you find the explanations difficult to decipher. This is actually very simple to DO, but kind of hard to explain through written directions. I included photos of each step to help out.

Lay out your sheet on your surface with the sleep side down:

 Find the point of the seam that creates the pocket that wraps around the corner of your mattress. Grab it with your fingers and fold the sheet over so you can see the inside

Keeping your hand inside the pocket place this portion of the sheet into the pocket of one corner closest to it and match up the points of the seam.

Lay that side down and do the same to the other two corners/pockets. Now you should have a sheet that looks like this:

Now, this part is tricky to explain so bear with me…take one side of pockets and put it into the other side’s pockets. You will need to actually flip the one side “inside out” like you did in the first step to match the corners.
It should look like this:

Match up the elastic corners and lay your sheet back on the surface and “square” your edges. Fold the “smooth” edge to the center.

Then fold the top portion down:

Fold sheet in half
Then in half again
And VOILA! Beautifully folded fitted sheet!
This works with King, Queen and Full size sheets. You can do this on Twin and Crib sheets as well, but for me I skip the step where I put all corners into one pocket.
Hope this how-to helps!
God Bless!

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